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We have the ability to transform technology into a powerful asset that allows our clients to prosper and grow. We use technology to ensure you achieve your goals and make deeper connections with your customers. We use the best solution that transform businesses, boost profitability, challenge mindsets and disrupt markets. The kinds of engineering innovation only Knightsbridge Wireless can provide.

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KWC’s principal advantage stems from our unique, high-speed, compact hardware and very tight footprint compute and machine-learning engine. KWC IIoT systems, with the Edge nodes’ powerful microcontrollers and their complex event processing engine, enable KWC to run the complete IoT edge analytics software stack immediately next to machine data sources. Because of this, connected devices will be able to process data from their instruments and sensors locally, in real-time, enabling critical safety developments such as preventive maintenance, emergency shut down, power diversion, as well as mission-critical systems monitoring failures, and more.

The KWC company

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Knightsbridge Wireless Communications (KWC) is the only real, industrial IoT (IIoT) systems solution provider that solely architects your entire IoT project, incorporated with edge computing, AI, Cloud networking and end-to-end data security.

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