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End-to-end tailored solution for your IOT project

Knightsbridge Wireless Communications (KWC) is the only real, industrial IoT (IIoT) systems solution provider that solely architects your entire IoT project, incorporated with edge computing, AI, Cloud networking and end-to-end data security.

We deliver a digital ecosystem solution, enabling our OEM partners to efficiently create, build and manage the data driven connected products and systems at the heart of the IoT.

KWC - Your IoT Systems
Development Partner


At the very first stage of a project, Knightsbridge Wireless’ designated Systems Architect and Project Manager gather the requirements to the software, hardware, systems, cloud, networking, edge-node, security, sensors and integrations’ solution require information. Our Solution Architect communicates your product’s idea with your top executives, and possibly your customers to understand their pain points and requirements, and to define the right vision of your future product.

Why kwc item
Why kwc item


The implementation stage covers the entire process of product research, design and development, including writing specification, prototyping the concept design, quality assurance and DFM. At first, our Systems Architect selects a Project Manager to work with the engineering team to elaborate on all possible options of how the idea will be made a reality.

The Systems Architect also participates in making the most crucial technical decisions that may impact the ultimate results of the project (for example, technology stack, data/link security and GPU/MPU/MCU selections, etc.).

Perfect fit

We believe when a Systems Architect and Solution Architect are involved in product development, you may be sure that a new system will address all the present and future technical and business issues. This means that you’ll get not just a working IoT system, but also get the application that will help your company move towards achieving its determined business and product manufacturing goals.

Why kwc item
Why kwc item

Effective Communication

Business owners and engineers usually speak different languages. The former ones often think about effectiveness, productivity, cutting costs, optimization, etc. At the same time, engineers worry more about specific technical challenges. In this context, our Solution Architect possessing both, strong technical and business skills, acts as a translator to effectively communicate the product’s vision to the development team.

Putting it all together

Even the most sophisticated product is worth investing in it only if it can bring real business value. Knightsbridge Wireless, as an expert “end-to-end” systems solution provider ensures that our OEM Partners spend money on tech solutions wisely instead of taking the shot in the dark. Specifically, we ensure to bridge the gap between our OEM partners’ business strategy and technical solutions that they building to market.

Knightsbridge Wireless is dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs and productivity. We create and embrace disruptive IT and IIoT technologies in order to keep your business on a steady path to future growth.

Knightsbridge Wireless brings efficiency and productivity to virtually every phase of your IT operation.

Why kwc item